About the Free Hajj School

Learn everything you need to know for your once-in-a-lifetime journey to the House of Allah; from the history and significance of Hajj; the Fiqh, the Faraa-id (obligatory acts) and the Sunnas, the spiritual significance of the rites and the adhkar; to how to prepare for this momentous journey, what to take with you, practical tips, and other modern-day issues pilgrims should be aware of.

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MUDI Free Hajj School is a course that aims to connect you to the significance of the Hajj journey to the House of Allah. Too often, learning only the Fiqh of the rites pertaining to the pilgrimage can leave one devoid of an appreciation for the reality of the Hajj. We may learn the rules, but may not have had the exposure, or the resources to place our understanding within the greater context – not knowing the ancient Abrahamic history of the rites associated with our worship; not knowing their spiritual significance of the rites, the tremendous mercy they represent from our Creator; not knowing the history of the places associated with the Hajj; or what our Prophet, Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, did in his own pilgrimage and what he instructed his companions and followers to do.