about us

At a time when the Muslim Ummah in Ghana has lost hope and trust, the Centre for Creative Leadership, Africa [CCL Africa], a wholly-owned Muslim organization, in 2014 designed the Muslim Ummah Development Initiative (MUDI), as an economic empowerment initiative with a HALAL touch. With determination, CCL Africa was able to pool together some like minds of varied professional backgrounds under the Chairmanship of Alhaji Alhassan Haruna, former CEO of Metro TV, to implement the idea to bring about empowerment to the Muslim Ummah in Ghana.



Our long-term vision is to provide Halal investment alternatives to the conventional investment channels in banking, financing, and insurance. In achieving this goal, we will sensitize and mobilize about 1,000+ Muslim income earners to register with the MUDI.



The purpose of the initiative is to introduce ethical investment tools to investors seeking to invest in profitable Halal ventures which have minimal risk but good potential for growth.

  1. To sensitize Muslims on Halal investments, their ethical values, and the need for Halal investment as Muslims.
  2. To invest in first-class educational institutions through investments of MUDI members.
  3. To invest in agriculture, since it has a central role to play in promoting growth, creation of wealth, and poverty reduction in the Ghanaian economy.
  4. To introduce the Hajj deposits scheme so as to create an opportunity for Muslims eager to perform the Hajj to build up savings through the scheme.
  5. To motivate and equip the youth and women to start their own businesses, while assisting them to access interest-free loans and the market-oriented entrepreneurial system and management skills.


To organize national and international Halal investment/economic fairs, workshops and conferences for our foreign partners, Ghanaian Muslim Ummah, and university students.