MMC Board

The MUDI Multipurpose Co-operative has a 3-tier structure – That is the (Apex) Association, Zonal, and Society with the following details

 1. Board of Directors for the Association

This Board of Directors shall be the Apex Board of Co-operative which shall be made up of a total of not less than 9 and not more than 15 members which comprises of chairpersons, treasurers, and other members of the zonal board of which the chairman and office bearers of MUDI Association shall be formed. This Board is charged with the overall oversight responsibility for the effective running of the whole Association in a manner that is consistent with the prescribed legal framework, and approved policies. The chairperson of the Board must have some cooperative or related experience.


2. Composition of Board Of Directors

The composition shall be gender-sensitive while allowing for members with varied business experiences and in good standing. All Board members shall be elected and sworn in at AGM. The following shall compose the board for the Association as the Apex structure.

  • A Board Chairman – elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  • General Manager- paid employee serves as Secretary to the BOD who cannot vote.
  • Northern Union Chairperson.
  • Middle Union Chairperson.
  • Southern Union Chairperson.
  • 4 Members with specialist backgrounds [Co-operatives, Economy, Sharia, and Entrepreneurial] were nominated and approved at AGM.



  • Abdul Karim Zaani Dubiure
  • Alhaji Abdel Manan Abdel Rahman
  • Dr. Elsaid Ases Yeboah
  • Dr. Abdallah Abdul Moomin
  • Sheikh Salis Hussein Suala
  • Hon. Mohammed Kamil
  • Alhaji Ahmed Yusuf
  • Mr. Atiku Mohammed
  • Hajia Hajara Mohammed