About MMC


Poverty is endemic within most Muslim Communities in Ghana. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No.1 is to End poverty in all its forms everywhere. A good saving habit is a foundation for accumulating capital for wealth creation and poverty reduction. The main purpose of MUDI Multipurpose Co-operative is to facilitate the accumulation of capital by mobilizing members' savings and to be used for income-boosting investments as a means of reducing poverty within the target communities.



MUDI Multipurpose Cooperative is to serve as a vehicle for pooling resources [financial and human capital] from amongst its members; and to deploy same to invest in various ventures towards building financial security as well as the social, cultural, religious, and economic well-being of the members and the communities within which they live and work. This will be achieved through mutual-help and self-help Halal initiatives in accordance with the co-operative principles.



The MUDI Co-operative is positioned to become the leading champion of poverty reduction within deprived communities in Ghana; to facilitate the capital accumulation and Halal investments that create jobs and provide sustainable sources of income as well as social fulfillment for members based on the principles of co-operatives.



The Core guiding principles of the MUDI Co-operative includes the following:

  1. Service:  Commitment to the cooperative principle of “Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service”.
  2. Self & Community Help:  A collective sense of responsibility and commitment to contributing to the well-being of members and the communities that define our existence.
  3. Accountability:  Members take individual and collective responsibility for their actions that influence the lives of other members and the people within our communities.
  4. Empowerment:  Empowering our members [through technical and financial assistance] to take initiatives and give their best in their endeavors of choice.
  5. Integrity: To act with honesty and integrity without compromising on the truth.
  6. Respect: Giving due respect to ourselves and others, and maintaining an environment of peaceful co-operation and growth.



The MUDI Co-operative shall have full power to do all things necessary or expedient for the economic advancement of the society, including:

  1. The power to hold and deal in its own name on properties, including freehold and, as it may consider necessary, to further its objects.
  2. The power to borrow money in such a manner and on such terms as the Management Committee, acting in accordance with the provision of these bye-laws, shall determine.
  3. The power to negotiate and enter into contracts with any person or persons, corporation or institutions for the acquisition of land, materials, and equipment.
  4. The power to accept deposits from members on such terms as the Management Committee shall determine from time to time.
  5. The power to employ the needed professionals, consultants, or management expertise in a manner consistent with the provisions of these bye-laws.
  6. The power to amend these bye-laws in accordance with the provisions of the Decree.
  7. The power to create standing committees or ad-hoc committees as the Management Committee may deem fit from time to time.



The Association shall have a 3-tier operating structure as follows:

  • Tier 1: MUDI Multipurpose Co-operative Association Limited;  shall be the apex body that gives strategy directions, educational and financial management guidelines to its various Societies through the Zonal Unions


  • Tier 2: The Zonal Unions:  shall be administrative organs of the association that facilitates the tactical and operational interactions between the Association and its implementing Societies. They are as follows:
    • Southern MUDI Multi-Purpose Cooperative Union - Accra
    • Middle MUDI Multi-Purpose Cooperative Union - Kumasi
    • Northern MUDI Multi-Purpose Cooperative Union -Tamale


  • Tier 3: Societies: - shall be the operational/implementing units of the Association. They are mostly Community-based, mosque-based, Work-based, and organizational-based registered as co-operative societies with a minimum number of 10 members with their area of operations as defined in their bye-laws. 
    • Branch – Societies may establish branches referred to as UNITS to facilitate their operations subject to the approval of the MUDI apex and the Registrar.



The primary Societies shall have the power to affiliate with the Zonal Unions and the National Association with the object of facilitating the operations of MUDI.

The Zonal Unions shall also affiliate with the National Association.