SHARIAH Advisory Council

Shariah Advisory Council will play a vital role in guiding and supervising the implementation and compliance of Islamic principles in all activities of the organization.

It will consist of a prominent Islamic scholar with Islamic financing background, a reputed banker, a renowned lawyer, and an eminent economist.


Objectives of the SAC:

  1. To advise on interest-free investment.

  2. To encourage different types of investment sectors e.g. agriculture, industry, real estate, self-employment to improve overall socio-economic conditions in compliance with Sharia.

  3. To participate and co-operate actively in human resource development and create awareness about Islamic principles and values.

  4. To sensitize Muslims on halal investment, its ethical values, and the need for halal investment as Muslims.

  5. To advise and other services related to Islamic financing to other organizations.

  6. To organize national and international Halal investment/economic fairs, workshops, and conferences 


Apart from the SAC’s association with MUDI, it will also offer advice and other services related to Islamic financing to other organizations/companies.